Where To Find Discounts On Costco Membership Fees

Costco has become really popular store to shop if you want to save money on purchases that’s why most people want to become a member and are searching on where to find Costco membership discounts.

Well, it will be nice if there is a true discount for the memberships fees especially for selected groups such as students, military, professional (doctors, engineers, accountants, nurses, etc),  senior citizens (hello AARP) like most organizations or stores do, but unfortunately there is none or at least not a direct reduction on the membership fees, so to speak.

Most of the discounts offered does not reduce the membership directly but rather comes in the form of coupons or Costco Cash card. In doing so, you can treat the equivalent offer you receive as a discount on the Costco memberships. Costco is smart enough to give you the cash card provided that you  only have to use it at their store!

Below are the 5 ways where you can find discounts on Costco membership fees:

Association Discount

Some professional organizations offer various discounts to stores or vendors because of the bulk buying power of the organization. Costco usually partners with these organizations as one of the marketing strategies of expanding the network. By being a member of  these organizations, you may be entitled to a receive this special discount.  One organization that comes to mind is the NEA or the National Education Association.

Back in the days when I was a member of Price Club (before they merged or bought by Costco), you can only sign up as a member of Price Club if you are a member of selected group. For the most part, federal employees like the postal service employees were one of the few who have given opportunities to be a member. I was not any of those but I was an employer of a member of the Chamber of Commerce for which Price Club was also a member and they did provide membership to those as well.  But now, almost everyone can be a member at Costco.

Online/Web Deals and Coupon Sites

Costco membership is often featured on some of the online deals or coupon sites such as MyPoints or Fatwallet. When you sign up for the $50 Gold Card Membership at Costco (or upgrade to the $100 Executive Members for current Gold Card Member) using the Mypoints offering, you usually don’t get a discount but will receive $50 worth of coupons but the caveat is you have to be a member of My Points.

 Costco/American Express TrueEarnings Card

If you are a Costco member, you can sign up for the TrueEarnings American Express Card at no additional charge. With the TrueEarnings Card, you get cash back when you use the card on purchases, gas, travel, and restaurants. Depending on the promotion, you may sometimes end up getting a $25 initial sign-up cash back when you first use the card to shop at Costco. So in essence, this is just like getting a $25 discount on your membership.

Membership Discount From Costco Stores

From time to time, various Costco stores offer special membership promotions directly to customers in-store but this vary by locations. Offers usually come in the form of free pass for the day or cash cards that you have to use when you shop at the store.

Employer Discount

If you are fortunate enough to work for a company affiliated with Costco, you may be able to avail discounts when you sign up as a new Costco member. Usually you will need to pay for the full price of the membership and the discount comes in the form of a $20 Costco Cash Card, which you can use when you shop at Costco.

How about you, do you have any other suggestions on how you can get Costco membership discounts? Please provide this on our comment section!

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